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Great staff and doctors. They work hard to make our kids comfortable. I wish I had had dentists like them when I was a kid.

We went to see Dr. Escobar shortly before our kiddo turned one. We go back every six months and have a positive experience each time. The front desk staff is so sweet, the hygienists are incredibly patient and both dentists we've met are knowledgeable, friendly, and relaxed. They have a strong focus on educating parents, which will save us from dental issues down the road - one example of this is introducing us to Spiffies which contain xylitol. We couldn't be happier with A Kids Place Dentistry. Highly recommend!

A kids place dentist is fabulous!!

Dr.McDonald is the best! After taking my kids to two different offices, I was nervous and my kids were NOT fans of the dentist. However because of his patience and way with my kiddos, they now actually look forward to going to see him. He does a great job and really works with each child differently - neither ever realizes when they have received shots for fillings (Ages 7 and 5). The whole office is very friendly and makes each experience fun.